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Hi, I'm Destinee 


Growing up I was always around some good soul food cooking and baking.  I grew up in a family where every Sunday we knew we were going to get with the whole family and eat good! When it was time for me to go away to college I knew I was going to be all on my own and was going to miss out on those good Sunday dinners and desserts. So I would call my grandaddy every week and ask him how do I cook a certain dish and he would tell me. I kept cooking until before I knew it I had people from all over my dorm coming to get something to eat, and to see them eat the food with so much enjoyment brought on my passion for cooking. Now that I am older with my own family I get to be a part of those Soul Food Sundays again and now I cook for them. I love to cook and most importantly I love to see the enjoyment on people's faces when they taste all that goodness that was put into each dish and dessert. Each dessert is filled with goodness, love, and nothing but the best quality. Please give me the opportunity to share that goodness with you and your family.



About Me


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